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Hi There, Cassie. My name is Maty and I was very excited to see your 3 legged dog website! I was abandoned with my litter mates in a motel in Bend, Oregon. We were only a couple of weeks old and were taken to the Humane Society of Central Oregon (HSCO). They found a foster home who cared for us until we were 7 weeks old and ready for adoption. I contracted a staph infection that got misdiagnosed and by the time they figured out what was wrong my ligaments and tendons were destroyed so I had to have my leg amputated at 8 weeks of age. A nursing home administrator saved my life by paying my vet bills and I lived in the facility until I was 7 months old. From 9 weeks of age (and sutures in my nub) through today I lift spirits at the local hospital, other assisted living facilities and at-risk group homes. The nursing home said I was awesome, and because of that I should live in a home environment with more love and attention. I now live with the HSCO's Animal Welfare Director and Community Outreach Coordinator and give back to the community that saved my life by visiting schools, hospitals and community events to show people that 3 legged dogs are as good (or better) than dogs with the standard 4 legs. Frisbee catching is my favorite game and I can sky with the best of them.

Love Maty
Maty is a sweetheart. She is a very brave dog, too. She has to be the "test dog" when people want to see if an adoptable cat gets along well with dogs. She hates it but is a very brave sweet girl.

This is my very precious and special dog, Mollie. I adopted Mollie in June of 2003 when she was 8 years old and had all 4 legs at the time. The poor sweetie had been at the shelter for 6 months- apparantly potential owners were scared off by her age and size (she's a Great Dane and German Shepard mix). I'd like to believe she was waiting just for me :).

Six months later, in December- I noticed Mollie was limping quite a bit and thought it was a sprain. It didn't clear up after a week, so I brought her in to a local vet. I had never heard of Osteosarcoma, so you can imagine my shock in hearing that not only did my baby have cancer- but that amputation was the recommended method to keep the cancer from spreading. Mollie and I are very fortunate that I have an uncle who is a vet who I could go to for a second opinion (and honestly- reduced vet bills). He examined her and confirmed the first vets diagnosis. It was a quick decision, but we decided to amputate that very day. (After reading about other dogs on Cassie's Club- I knew my Mollie could overcome this as well!)

The first week was hard as she was trying to relearn how to walk and get up, but as soon as she had that mastered, she was ready to play ball as usual! It's now four months later and she's an even sweeter, stronger dog than before. Every day is a gift with her. I watch her swim in the bay at Pt Isobel and I know that she's as happy as ever.

Thanks for such a great site- it helped me make an important decision and I hope others can get the same strength I found from reading about other dogs.

:) Marina Parrera

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