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Hey Cassie - My name is Bailey. I am a golden retriever and will be 9 years old on April 10. I lost my front leg due to bone cancer last April (98).

My dad calls me tripod sometimes and my mom gets on to him. I don't mind though, because everytime he calls me tripod, mom feels sorry for me and gives me a snack. Hah, got her!!!

I also have a heart problem that is corrected by a pacemaker.

Yes, a human pacemaker. I've had it since 9/96.

My heart is now doing just fine. My mom and dad are Rick and Robin Baker. We live in Houston, TX. My mom attached my picture. I am excited about joining your club.

Your friend,



What a wonderful website you have. I have a little foster dog that just lost her leg a week ago. I have attached a photo of Goldie. She is a wonderful 7 month old Sheltie/Golden retriever cross.

She had been hit by a car and brought to the animal shelter where I work as an Adoption Counselor. Goldie had a compound fracture with an underlying infection. The damage was so great she was sighted to be put down.

Thankfully, the group that pays my salary stepped in and had her examined by a specialist.

The leg was not salvageable, but the dog certainly was.

Goldie is home with me, my husband, two other dogs and 4 cats. She is a happy dog that is housebroken, crate trained, knows sit, shake and down so far and gets along with the other dogs very well. We are still learning about the cats, but I think she will be fine with them. She is available for adoption if you know anyone one that would love a sweet, easy dog to add to their brood. Thank you for your wonderful page.

-Nan Arthur

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