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Thank you so much for your website. You've made dealing with our dog, Voodoo's, amputation so much easier by allowing us to see so many others who have gone through the same thing and come out the other side doing just great. We had owned Voodoo for 8 years when his rear left leg was amputated. He was adopted from the Santa Clara County Humane Society as a puppy, and named Voodoo for the way he would start several dogs roughhousing together, then back away and watch the action.

About a month ago, we noticed Voodoo limping on his rear leg. He and his sister, Blossom, play roughly together often, and many times one of them will come away limping for a few hours. But when the limping continued for a week, and Voodoo would not put any pressure onto the leg, we took him to visit Dr. Greg Martinez at Gilroy Veterinary Clinic in Gilroy, CA.

Dr. Greg said he thought it may be an ACL tear or a tumor, or both, and that he would have to perform sugery to check it out. A week later, Voodoo went in and we learned that it was a tumor that had essentially invaded his entire knee joint. We had two choices - put Voodoo down or amputate his leg. We chose the latter, and the following morning his leg was amputated. The very next day, Voodoo was up and about, playing with Dr. Greg's tripod dog in the backyard. Voodoo is still recovering as I write this - in fact, he is sleeping off his drugs outside in our back yard - but it is clear that he will recover just fine. The first thing he did after he got home was go for his favorite toy - his ball. Thank you Cassie, Cynthia, Kurt and Marcey for giving us this great resource!

Melissa Wagner

Hi, my name is Tupac and I am a 4 year old Lab/Chow mix. I was adopted by my mom when I was hit by a car and my owner no longer wanted me. I also suffered radial nerve damage and had to have my right front leg removed. This all happened to me when I was 6 months old. I have a wonderful home and family that love me very much. I can do almost anything but I do have one problem. I have gained some weight and am having difficulty losing it. My mother did not have a dog for many years and is having a difficult time helping me take it off. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations? I go for a walk every day but that is not enough. My doctor says that I must lose some weight because it is not good for my leg since I have a very large rib cage and head. All of the pictures I have seen here show some very healthy looking dogs who are NOT overweight. I currently weigh 90 lbs and I need to lose 10% of my weight. I know if I could do this I would feel better, but other than that, I am a wonderful, happy, and loving dog. Thank you so much for your website.

Sofia De Los Santos
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