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One day the cutest dog in the world showed up at my Grandmother's house. He was a black lab that looked highly neglected. He was thin and was wearing a choke chain that was growing into his neck. Oh, and he had three legs! He was missing his front left leg. We looked high and low for his owners, but we didn't find them. SO I took him home, and he has been a part of the family for three years now. He is a really good dog. Here is a picture of Oz.....

Kirsten and Steve Winter


Hi! Surfing thru the net, I found your Three-Legged Dog Club and it seems very funny and inspiring to me and my dogs. We are from Puerto Rico and it's sad to say that here, nobody cares about them. I want to share Trixy's story and how she became a part of my family. My neighbor and I went to a shelter to see the dogs because she wanted to adopt one for her sons. When I passed by the cages, one female, a happy dog, captured my attention. This sweet dog began to wag her tail when she saw me. When she got up and began to jump to lick my fingers, I saw that she only had three legs. I really admire the fact that with only three legs, she can jump and run and do all the things that a dog does and look so fine and proud. I asked what had happened to the dog and the shelter lady told me the history. The dog's name was Patty and a car had hit her front left leg. The car hit her and didn't stop. A guy who saw the accident took her to the vet. The doctor said that he had to amputate the leg. The Good Samaritan paid for her surgery and the medications and took her to his home for recovery. Later the guy moved to pursue more gainful employment and was unable to take Patty with him. For this reason, he decided to surrender her to the shelter. This story moved my soul, although I thought "I don't have enough space in my house for another dog." When I arrived at home, I told my husband about the three-legged dog and that I thought no one would adopt her because of her accident. I was very sad, thinking about the luck of that poor dog. It seems that my hubby was moved by Patty's story, too, because he wanted to meet her. He fell in love from the first minute he saw her; he immediately began to sign the adoption papers. Now, her new name is Trixy and she's very happy with two new sisters: Sussy (a homeless dog) and Sassy, a runaway Beagle, who couldn't find her way back home.
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