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Hi, Glad to find your website. My three-legged dog is named Scooby. I recently adopted him from an animal control shelter. He was sick with ringworm, flees, ticks and a bad case of kennel cough when I adopted him. He was one day from euthanization. He is the sweetest dog. I later found out that he was previously owned by a homeless man and had lived on the street all of his life. That is how he managed to get hit by a car and lost his limb. After he lost his leg the man no longer wanted him and left him so he ended up in the shelter where I found him. He is a joy to have around. Attached please find his photo.

Dana Bee


I think that is so sweet, I had a three legged dog named MeMe. She lost her leg at 7 months from cancer. I was born with a bad left hand, it will not move. I adopted her because I heard dogs love you, no matter what. It helped knowing I am not the only one with a disability. I live in Louisiana but I went back home to New York and when I returned to Louisiana I found she had been shot. She was only 2 years old and my life seemed to be over. Then I found this site and it brought a smile to my face to find there is someone that loves them as much as me. If you can write me back and help me find a place I can adopt one, please let me know, I do not care how far it is. I need a dog like MeMe back in my life. I miss her. My dog was the best, made me want to go on each day; now, I just want to die. I need a g/f or a sweet dog. It is not so easy in this world always to be considered "less than."

Linzi Lipinski

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