Three Legged Dog Club
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Our three-legged spaz is named Zuzu. My wife and I adopted her from a shelter. She came there with an infected fracture so they had to amputate. They had a hard time adopting her out but when we saw her, we couldn't pass her up. Zuzu is full of energy and mischief as well as love and loyalty. The stories on the website are great!

N. Tallman
Algonquin, IL


This is our dog Laika. She is 4 years old now and we adopted after Christmas 1999. Her left hind leg was caught in an animal trap up in North Georgia when she was only a puppy, about 4 months old. Her people took her to the vet to have her put down but fortunately for us, she was rescued by a benevolent angel named Jennifer who just happened to be on the scene. Jennifer is a fantastic woman who has fostered over 800 dogs and who paid for Laika's surgery and got her back on her feet before putting her up for adoption. Laika is without a doubt one of the most wonderful loving dogs I've ever known and is in turn loved by all who meet her.

Penny Ed & Alex Maes
Tucker GA

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