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Here's our dog. Maddie. She lost her leg after being hit by a car in July 2001. She is an Australian Cattle Dog mix about 2 years old. We'd rescued her from a shelter in Sacramento, CA.

She has recovered completely; still plays and runs just like before. A very smart, active and devoted dog!

-Michael Fisher


Hello! Here is my little Lucy Beagle's story... I adopted Lucy from a Humane Soiety in Richmond, VA where I live. She was found in a parking lot in Richmond with her back, right leg broken in two places and pulled out of joint.

The vet tried to save it, but her leg had to be amputated. She had markings from where a hunter had tried to put his initials on her, so she could have either gotten her leg caught in a hunting trap or gotten hit by a car. When I adopted her, she had only been 3-legged for a week and a half!

However, she quickly learned to walk up and down stairs and run around in the woods behind my house! In fact, I haven't found a thing that she can't do!

Thanks, Cynthia!

-Peg :)

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