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Hi Cassie,

My name is Poppy. I was found by some nice people when I was about 8 months old, missing most of my left front leg and almost starved to death.

They took me to a local vet, who took one look and saw my potential. I'm named after him.

My mom says he's a sucker for she named me Lollipop. I like Poppy better. Mom took one look in my eyes and fell in love. I'm part Lab and part ?? Mom says I have a Terrier temperament. I just don't know when to give up!

I have lots of brothers and sisters...and even more cousins. My Grand-dad takes all of us (all ten at the moment) to the forest near where I live. I just love to climb rocks, walk logs and splash in streams. I don't swim so well, so I have to stay out of the ponds. A lot of other dogs come and go in my house.

My mom calls it rescue and fostering. I don't worry though. This is MY house. I've been here almost four years now. As long as the others know that what I say goes, they're welcome to stay a while. Mom says I'm an inspiration. When she thinks she can't do something or wants to give up, she just looks at me. She calls me her AngelMutt.

I love her dearly and I'm a big help when it comes to teaching the new guys the house rules. I would be privileged to join your club, even though I don't think I'm all that special. My mom does though, and that's what counts.

Your friend,


Poppy was the victim of a leg-hold trap. She was taken to the vet to be put down, since she didn't have a family to take care of her. He refused, saved her life and found her a home...with me.

I'm attaching some pictures of her, both then and now. She may not think she's all that different, but I know she's a special gift, and one I treasure dearly.

Dixie Coonhound Rescue - Beth Spillers


I hope you are still accepting members into your club. Hello Cassie! My name is Melissa and my dog Simone would love to join your neat club. She is a 5 1/2 year old Italian Greyhound. First, let me say that your web page is so encouraging.

It actually was a contributing factor in helping me to go through with the decision I had to make to make to have Simone's front leg amputated.

In February, we found out she had a grade 2 mast cell tumor on her leg. It grew quite rapidly and was too big to remove with wide excision without really crippling her (she weighs 8 pounds and her legs are quite slender) or without risking the spread of the disease to lungs or other organs, so it was recommended to have her leg amputated.

That was the hardest decision I think I have ever been faced with. But our vet, Dr. Rob, was very informative and supportive. The first few days after the surgery were really hard for Simone. She has always been a very sensitive little girl.

She cried a lot and it was really disheartening to watch her try to adapt with her new handicap. I wanted to help her walk, but she had to learn by herself. Honestly, I think it hurt me more than it hurt her. I was so afraid that she wouldn't be able to do the things she was able to do before and she would get depressed and lethargic.

But just two days after the operation, Simone was able to climb up the two flights of stairs to her bed all by herself.

I was so relieved when I realized that everyone had been right -- she adapted just fine.

Simone is quite athletic when she wants to be, although I have a sneaky suspicion that she does most of her stunts when we're not around so we never stop feeling sorry for her. She does get a lot of extra attention and even gets away with hanging out by the dinner table a lot more than she used to without getting in trouble. ;)

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the cancer doesn't come back. It has been ten weeks since the operation and she is doing so well. I wonder if she even misses the other leg anymore. Thanks for putting together such a great web page!


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