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Well this is my three-legged daughter, Penelope. She is a 2-year-old Pit Bull who was rescued from Newark, New Jersey. Penelope came into my dog kennel when I was working there. My boss was holding this little puppy. One look and I was in love. My boss said to me that they were going to rescue her, but they wanted to put her down instead. I asked why, then she turned her around so I could plainly see that she had three legs! She was only 4 weeks old. I said to her, let me take her. So almost three years later, I still have my little girl. After nights of waking up to bottle feed and taking her to the bathroom, it is all worth it. Her birthday is 3/3/03, I always thought that it was funny, because she has 3 legs. She loves to play tug and fetch. Her favorite pastimes are cuddling up with her dad and eating rawhides. She loves men and she loves to flirt with any man who crosses her path. She also enjoys grabbing her tail and spinning in circles. But most of all, she is the best doorbell. Well, this is my sweet girl... My love... My best friend.

Sarah and Nik
Wednesday December 21, 2005


Ice DECOUTO.... Theeeee Most handsome 3-legged American Bulldog EVER!!!

Let me first explain that Ice is THEE LOVE OF MY LIFE. He is 6 years old today; 3-Jan-06. Ice sleeps in my bed with me, and we have gone for walks almost every day. I bought a boat just for ME AND MY DOG... It's called "Dog's Life."

About 4 months ago, after a short walk, my very energetic dog, Ice laid down tired, and moments later couldn't get up. The vet's Diagnosis... FCE - Fibrocartiliginous Embolism. Basically the pasty substance in his one of his vertebrae's leaked out and paralyzed the nerve to his right rear leg. After 7 weeks of Ice moping on the couch, and me carrying him to the beach to swim to hopefully regain feeling back in his limb to no luck I made the very difficult decision to have his leg removed.

The day after the operation Ice was standing up in the cage at the vet. 2 weeks later, on our first walk with 3 legs, I am sure I could see a smile on his face. He was ecstatic. Still trying to lift his right leg... he looked ridiculous and hilarious as the same time. This may sound crazy... but I now see how parents of disabled children feel. I was scared to walk him at first as some people can be so cruel in acknowledging a disability... but to my happiness I have received only positive feedback and lots of praises for not putting Ice down.

We now only walk 3/4 of the distance we used to walk... just joking!!! But Ice definitely gets tired faster. Nowadays everything is back to normal, just waiting for summer to come back around so we can once again spend our weekends out on our boat.

Tuesday January 3, 2006


Ice is just wondeful... He does have a little trouble getting in the car, and onto my bed (where he OF COURSE sleeps with me), but other than this, his amputation hasn't impaired him AT ALL. Our walks are much shorter these days.. only about 15 minutes.

The vets said to take it easy on him so I don't run the risk of arthritis in his other back leg.

I was showing him off to this little 3 year old boy the other day. I was telling him that he was special... and of course he asked me "BUT WHY?" as all 3 year olds do.

So I asked him to count how many legs he saw on my brother's dog; a mini-sausage dog... so he says... "one, shree, four, five"

and I respond... "EXACTLY!!!" with a huge smile.

Then I ask him to count Ice's leg... so he starts... "One...." and he looks under the dogs body, and kinda around his side.. and the says... "Where's du NUDDER one?"

Everyone just started laughing... it was sooooooooooooooo cute.

Ice gets soooooooooooo much attention too, being so special !!!

I'll give him that hug & a kiss when I go home to him tonight.

Thanx again,
Thursday August 24, 2006

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